New Immigrants Account Half of Canadian Millionaires

The survey conducted by Pollara, Canadian public opinion and research company, finds out that half of Canada millionaires are either immigrants or first – generations Canadians* who succeed after arriving in Canada. The survey reports that 48% of Canadians, who have minimum liquid assets $1 million are either immigrants (24%), or first generation Canadians* (24%).
One success example of newcomer – turned – millionaires is Mr. Vikram Vij, who opened an Indian restaurant in Vancouver five years after moving to Canada.
Mr. Vikram Vij told that he had worked really hard after immigrating. However, he strongly believed in the great chance that Canada was giving to him. Today, he is running two restaurants in British Columbia. managing a line of pre-packaged gourmet curries and he has published two cookbooks.

The survey also figures out that more than two – thirds of Canada’s millionaires are self – made, who are striving through hard time to become successful people.
Interestingly, women make up one-third of Canada’s affluent.
Furthermore, the survey reveal the key factor of wealth: eight in 10 of the Canadian millionaires said they had at least a university degree, including 46 per cent who had a graduate or professional degree.

*First – generations Canadian: those who have at least one parent born outside the country.


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