Marriage fraud


A marriage with Canadian citizen is considered to be a method to immigrate to Canada by some people.
Marrying a Canadian citizen or permanent resident just to have an entry to Canada is a crime and CIC is trying to stop these ‘fake’ marriages.

CIC officers can recognize which is the real immigration application and which is not. They have many activities to detect the ‘nominal’ marriages, and spot marriage fraud, including:

– Checking document

– Visiting people’s family

– Interviewing both sponsors and applicants.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be charged with a crime if they are in this kind of marriage.

New regulations.

People who are sponsored to come to Canada as a spouse or partner from 25 October 2012 must live with their sponsor in a genuine relationship for at least 2 years from the day they have Canada PR status.

This new rule is not applied to people who have been in a relationship with their sponsor for more than 2 year or having children in common or in case Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) got your application before October 25, 2012.

If a foreigner try to have a ‘marriage of convenience’ and arrive Canada as an immigrant and got caught, CIC may refuse his or her visa and ban that person from travel to Canada for two years. This will also remain on the CIC record of that person. Canada may also take other legal actions against that person and deport him or her from Canada.

Source: CIC

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