Starting Business

You are looking for a place to operate profitable business?

As the #1 Country to do business in the world, choose Canada as your investment destination.

Canadian Business Environment

Canada has a large and vibrant economy along with more than thirty million residents living across the country. Canada, in addition, has a high number of international companies and a significantly successful export industry. Among the eight largest economies of the industrialized countries, Canada is belonged to the world’s Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations. Remarkably, Canada’s Government delivers a stable political environment and a strong financial system. In fact, many investors in US and other nations are attracted by the relative strength of the Canadian economy.

During the last 2008 recession, Canadian economy has survived in relatively good health; specifically achieve high success in several areas like telecommunications, mining and insurance. Globe and Mail (2011) reports that the country economy has added 60,900 more full time jobs, which exceed expectations and send the jobless rate to 7.1%. Moreover, Canada was ranked to be the best place in the world to do business in 2011 by Forbes Magazine. Forbes also announces that Canada’s economy at $1.6 trillion place at 9th position in the world and grew 3.1% compared with last year. The publication is based on studying and ranking of 134 countries across 11 categories such as innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, property rights, freedom, red tape, investor protection, and stock market performance.

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Doing Business

Canada ranks 17th out of 185 economies in the research conducted annually by International Finance Corporation and World Bank (2013), which shows how easy or difficult it is to open and operate a small and medium size business in the country, when following the relevant regulations.

Canadian Government ensures the success of business via several supporting programs.

Additionally, in Canada, there are about 2.7 million enthusiastic and dynamic entrepreneurs, who will keep new business immigrants accompany. There are variety opportunities for new comers, including peer networking, learning and support from thousands of small and medium sized business organizations. Especially, numbers of mentoring programs are held, where experienced Canadian businessmen are willing to provide guidance:

  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business – provide knowledgeable business counselors to answer and support new comer with business issues.
  • Newcomer Information Center –has multilingual staff to provide free and confidential services, including:  information and referral, computers, fax, etc.
  • The Center for Skills Development and Trade – offers various programs to help newcomers settle into the community and improve English language skills as well.
  • Vietnamese Canadian Federation –

*Note: These are the examples of available support services for new comer in Canada. There are more services available to help establish and operate business depends on the province that you choose to settle down

Government Support

Canadian Government from various levels (municipal, provincial and federal) is well acknowledged about the critical role of small and medium sized businesses to the country’s economy. Statistics show that Canadian small businesses drive the nation’s economy. Approximately 48 percent of the total private sector labor force is employed by small enterprises – that’s about 5.1 million people. Therefore, Government shows strong commitment in supporting entrepreneurship via several training and coaching programs, financial subsidies and contributions, and business tax credits.

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