Canada has a well – established reputation in providing high quality education. This is the country where Government have spent more than $75.7 billion for all levels of education, ranging from elementary to higher education level, which represents 16.1% of total public expenditures. Thanks to these huge investments, Canadian education is recognized for its outstanding quality among the global education. Degrees from Canadian schools are widely appreciated all over the world.

Specially, primary and secondary students (K – 12) in Canada consistently rank at the top of five countries among the world, where gain the best achievement in reading, mathematics, and science in the “International Students Assessment” program conducted by Organization Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Additionally, Canadian universities are among the world’s best universities. In 2012, there are three schools in the top 50 Chart of the QS world universities (QS World University Rankings) and 20 schools are in the top 500; additionally, there are 5 schools in the top 100 of the rankings of universities in the world by Times Higher Education (Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings) and 8 schools in the top 200.

Tuition Fees for Canadian Resident compared with International students:


Non – Resident


Tuition Fees



Grade 1 – 12

CAD7,000 – CAD9,000/ year



CAD8,000 – CAD10,000/ year

CAD3,000 – CAD6,000/year


CAD11,000 – CAD17,000/ year

CAD3,000 – CAD10,000/ year


CAD12,000 – CAD25,000/ year

CAD4,000 – CAD 6,000/year

Resident House

CAD6,000 – CAD7,000/year

CAD6,000 – CAD7,000/year (optional)

Text Book


CAD1,000/ year

Cost of Living




CAD47,000 – CAD71,000

CAD19,000 – CAD32,000

Source: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada