* This is a testimonial letter from daughter of YVAR’s succeeded client, telling about the new life of her and her family in Canada.

I would like to tell you what I experienced about Canada.

Firstly, it’s so awesome that I got lots of international friends such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian and especially Canadian. I found that it was so much easy to make friend with international students. They went to a new country, spoke a language that is not their first language, tried to adapt to a new culture, so they have the same feeling as me. Then we can share our stories, practice English and feel sympathetic. Furthermore, I am volunteering in a Peer Connection at Camosun College. It’s a good place to meet and talk to the local people. They’re super nice, friendly and funny. At the very first time, I actually didn’t dare to talk to them because of my bad English. Surprisingly, they struck up a conversation, tried to get closer to me, tried to understand what I wanted to say, and helped me feel more confident. Secondly, lifestyle in Canada is totally different from Vietnam. Especially, Canadian is friendlier than what I thought. As what I see, they’re responsible, nice and polite. Thirdly, my life has completely changed since I moved to Canada. I have had so much fun in Victoria. I have got an awesome education, good environment, and much more nice friends. Moreover, both of my sisters are enjoying their school. They started to learn English, made friends and they seem so happy about it. Therefore, I’m so satisfied, excited and happy with my life in Canada. Finally, I would say that my parents made a perfect decision ever. I’m so glad that they decided to move to Canada and gave me a better life.



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