3 Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to British Columbia

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British Columbia is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. Located on the westernmost land of the country, it is endowed with many natural beauties such as lush rainforests, clean and clear lakes, coastal waters and high mountains. The province also enjoys a temperate climate with four pleasantly distinct seasons. Its communities are culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse, with immigrants accounting for approximately 27 per cent of the population. So what is it about British Columbia that attracts so many immigrants, apart from its fine beauty? Let’s find out.

1. Top-notch education                                                                

Like the rest of Canada, British Columbia provides free education to its citizens, permanent residents, and refugees. The province’s public education system is among the most respected in the world,  reflected in its number of international students. Currently, there are an estimated 94,000 international students studying in B.C., enrolled from kindergarten to university.

B.C. is also proud of its higher education systems, with 25 publicly funded and 14 private universities and colleges, consistently ranked among top institutions in Canada. Its highly integrated education system is a global model for progressive, flexible education. The quality is regulated and uphold by British Columbia Education Quality Assurance, a provincial designation that can be recognized globally as symbol of quality. Securing degrees from these internationally acknowledged institutions will ensure that your children are well-prepared to flourish in the future.


2. Best cities to live

British Columbia can proudly boast about its world-class quality of life. People in B.C. are from many cultures, friendly and welcoming. Together, they create a diverse and vibrant society. The province’s lifestyle combines world-class urban dining and entertainment with easy access to exciting outdoor activities. Furthermore, health care and education are prioritized in British Columbia, standing at Canada’s highest overall education levels and highest life expectancy. Local social stability and low crime rates create safe and secure communities throughout the province. That’s why here in B.C, you and your family will be able to enjoy an excellent life to the fullest.


Vancouver and Victoria are cities that have the highest quality of living in North America and Canada, based on political stability, crime, medical care, banking services, freedom of the press, education, recreation, housing, transportation and environment.

3. Thriving economy

The economy of British Columbia is among the most prosperous of Canada’s provinces. It has a resource dominated economy, centered on the forestry industry but also with increasing importance in mining. Employment in the resource sector has fallen steadily, and new jobs are mostly in the construction and retail/service sectors. With its film industry known as ‘’Hollywood North’’, the Vancouver region is the third-largest feature film production location in North America, after Los Angeles and New York City. In 2012,British Columbia’s GDP was the fourth largest in Canada at C$219.99 billion, with a GDP per capita of $45,430. The province is also putting great efforts to become a trade hub for goods, services and people travelling between Asia and North America. To conclude, with a strong economy and diverse careers range, British Columbia presents you with many bright opportunities to success.


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