Quebec Investor Immigration Program will re – open at the beginning of August, 2013

According to Immigration et Communautés culturelles Québec (MICC), the Québec Investor Immigration Program is likely to re – open in August 1st, 2013.

MICC announces that for this year, the required investment of the Investor Program will remain unchanged at $800,000 with net assets of $1,600,000. MICC asserts that this might be the last chance for foreign investor to invest $800,000 in the program as MICC and CIC (Canadian Immigration and Citizenship) is planning to increase the investment amount to $2,000,000 next year.

In additionally, there are several crucial points that you should note down for the reopen of the Québec Investor Immigration Program:

  • Paper required for the program will remain unchanged. The new Application form and Instruction Guideline will be available in the middle of July;
  • The processing fee may be raised to approximately $10,000;
  • There may be a restriction on the number of applicants from any one country;
  • A simplified application process will be required with the first part of check list – essential documents and some financial documents;
  • File could be rejected only at the stage of file reviewing of BIQ or MICC, which means completed high-quality documentation would be necessary at submission. Detailed narratives broken down into periods and a filled-out check list are probably mandatory;
  • Every client should only sign with one facilitator. If multi-sign-up is found, the file will likely be rejected automatically.
  • Age of dependent child, who is over 19 may be affected by the new regulation by CIC. In the worst case, the age could be at least locked at the time of issuing CSQ (Québec Selection Certificate)

More detailed information related to the Québec Investor Immigration Program will be updated in the middle of July, 2013.

Source: MICC

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