How to get into Quebec School

How to get into Quebec School

The education system of Quebec province is different from that of Canada’s other provinces and territories. Usually, children of public primary schools in Quebec must attend French schools, unless they are temporary residents of the province, members of Canada’s First Nations, or have participated in a Canadian School in English.

Parents who attended English school in Canada can register the children into English school. However, children immigrating to Quebec are often encouraged to attend French schools, no matter what native language of their parents is. Therefore, if you are an immigrant wanting to send your children to English public school, one of the options is that sending your children to private school in English for their first year. After that, you are able to apply for English public school.

This has partly caused the highest ratio of children attending private schools among provinces of Quebec. Private education is not totally reserved for the rich. There are a lot of middle and lower class parents working night shifts and spend their extra income on the private tuition fee. Bursaries and grants are also offered to families sending their children to several specific private schools.

Although there are only 9 English language school boards in Montreal, each school’s dimension is enormous enough to be reached by most of the neighborhoods.

The biggest English school board in Montreal is the Lester B. Pearson School Board. This school board consists of 62 elementary and secondary schools. They are all located at the edge of the city downtown such as Beaconsfield, Dollard-des-Omeaux and Kirkland.

The school is one of the best funded school boards of Canada due to is creative use of technology and radical teaching techniques.

Quebec government also offers a year of free French classes for non-French speaking adults applying for Permanent Residency of the province.

Source: Living in Canada

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