Good things to know about Quebec Investor Program


Compared to the others, Quebec Investor Category is considered as one of the simplest Immigrant Programs to Canada with significant advantages for qualified applicants:

– It is a condition-free immigrant visa.

– No foreign language required.

– Interview is not completely compulsory (If the provided evidence in your file is clear enough).

– Any donations and/or gifts received at least 6 months before submitting the application are admissible in the total net assets.

– The procedure is simplified: there is no business plan or exploratory trip required because applicants do not have to conduct any business project.

– You and your family are welcomed to live in any Canadian province as long as you receive your Permanent Resident card.

– Children of successful applicants are able to study university immediately, which will save a lot of money from international study tuition and fees. They can also earn bursaries as Canadian children do.

However, there are still some disadvantages of the category such as:

– Applicant will have to wait for 3 years before finally set up their lives in Canada.

– Freezing 800,000 CAD for 5 years, which means no profit generated OR pay approximately 220,000 CAD instead of lending Quebec government 800,000 CAD for 5 years.

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