ICCRC publishes Fraud Prevention Campaign in a month all over the world.


The regulatory body mentions about operating illegally immigration consultants

March 2, 2015 – Burlington, Ontario – This is a part of effort by private sector firms, government agencies, law enforcement, and many organizations for protecting the consumers, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is noticing those consumers want to find the professional consultant to immigrate to Canada.

Fraud Prevention Month is March and the campaign is published all over the world by the national regulatory body to clarify that anyone who provides immigration consultants and have a fee for their services must be registered and regulated by a governing body. Bob Brack is known as a President and CEO of ICCRC said that the law is clear.  When a person wants to become one of Canadian immigration consultants, they must complete strict training and testing prior to entry into this field. ICCRC manages their compliance with professional standards and also has a system receive the complaints and conduct the discipline process. The people who impersonate lawyers, doctors and immigration consultants are illegal. The Council provides the penalties range from $100,000 to 2 years’ imprisonment.

Main purpose to launch a month-long, worldwide social media campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of using unauthorized immigration consultants. Moreover, a video will be available in English, French, mandarin and Punjabi and published during March, 2015.

There are dishonest immigration consultant, please validate immigration programs information directly on the official web, click here.

Source: ICCRC

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