British Columbia to re- open Entrepreneur Program on July 2nd, 2015


The Government of British Columbia Province has now launched a new online registration system for those who want wish to apply for Entrepreneur Immigration Stream of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

The BC PNP may accept a maximum of 200 registrations per month, and will periodically draw the registrants whose score is from the highest to invite them to submit.

After reviewing the application, a decision will be made on whether you will proceed to the interview stage.

Approved applicants will be given a work permit and if their business operation in BC accomplishes the requirements of the stream on a continuous basis, they can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through the BC PNP.

Entrepreneur Immigration Criteria

Personal Criteria:

  • Owing at least $CA 600,000 as personal net worth
  • Having experience in managing business as business owner and senior manager.

Business criteria:

  • Purchasing and improving an existing business or setting up own business.

Investment criteria:

Investing a minimum of $CA 200,000 in the business as an eligible personal investment.

Job criteria:

  • Producing at least one permanent new full- time equivalent job for citizen or permanent resident of Canada in the business.

An Entrepreneur Immigration Registration is neither an application to the Entrepreneur Immigration stream nor an assurance that a candidate will be suggested to apply.

There will be four months for a candidate to submit a complete application when invited. Once the application is accepted, he or she will sign a Performance Agreement and will be given 20 months to carry out a business proposal in BC.

If this applicant complete the requirements of the Performance Agreement within the 20 months, BC PNP will issue letter of Acceptance (“Nomination”) as Provincial Nominee. After that, the individual and his or her family members can send Permanent Residence Application to the BC PNP with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Source: WelcomeBC

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