Life in Montreal


When you live in Greater Montreal, you are not only able to take the advantages of the energetic work environment that provide many chances for promotion but also enjoy the personal and family life enrichment.

  • Open-minded Multicultural City

Being a bilingual and cultivated region with an open viewpoint, Greater Montreal has advanced a distinctive personality, arising from the combination between European and North American influence.

  • Reasonable Living Cost

Montreal is internationally well-known for being one of the world’s biggest cities with low level of living cost. For example, houses in Montreal can be found at very competitive prices with high quality. Montreal people also have high purchasing power. The affordable living cost of Montreal is, without doubt, its great advantage.

  • Outstanding Quality Of Life

As a modern city, Greater Montreal is dynamic all year-round, despite day or night, with a lot of cultural, sports and artistic activities. Downtown center is the most vibrant area, where there are varieties of festivals and people come regularly to the cinemas, theatre or restaurants. In addition, children growing up in this region also have huge advantage regarding language. They can easily learn and use French in daily life.

  • Top Education

Regarding the 2015 Best Student Cities index from British firm QS, Montreal ranks 8th all over the world for studies cities. Moreover, Montreal also places second in North America. In fact, Montreal has two of the best Canadian universities, such as MC Grill University – 2nd in Canada and 21st in the world and Université de Montréal – 4th in Canada.

  • Environment Safety

Greater Montreal is safe enough for you to walk around without worry. Crime density, which is already low, is still decreasing swiftly since 1990. In fact, the rate of murderer of Montreal is the lowest in North America.

Source: Permanentresidency


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