Greater Montreal – Five Plausible Reasons For Settling In Montreal

Greater Montreal - Five Plausible Reasons For Settling In Montreal

1. Energetic Labor Force

Greater Montreal is in the top five of the most energetic region from among the 20 main urban areas in North America with 3.2% employment growth rate from 2008 to 2012. The recent global economic downturn has merely influenced this region and Greater Montreal is investing in high technology and the creative fields.

The viability of the labor force can be illustrated by the noticeable inter-company mobility, the formation of many new occupations and chances for quick improvement at all grades.

2. Strong Purchasing Power

Due to the low cost of living, people in Montreal enjoy one of the highest purchasing power in the world. For example, housing in Montreal is a half less expensive than in other big cities in North America and Europe. Health care fees, education fees and daily expenses are also lower.

Buying a house in Montreal is not a dream as Greater Montreal is one of Canadian cities having competitive housing costs.

3. Excellent Living Quality

Exciting Outdoor Activities

Greater Montreal enjoys the whole year round living in green! It has a total 2,000 hectares of 17 huge parks and 1,160 neighborhood parks with 100 in the downtown core included. These are places for leisure and recreation activities for the whole family.

In addition, there are also some ski hills and resorts located less than 1 hour’s drive from central Montreal that allows Montrealers easily get access to snowboarding, fishing, swimming, skiing, canoeing or kayaking.

Great Public Services

International workers as well as Canadian citizens enjoy the same benefits, including:

  • Health Insurance: According to the regulations of universal health care, either Canadian citizen or permanent residents in Quebec are able to receive free basic medical care.
  • People who do not have access to private plan are provided the Quebec prescription drug plan, which covers 70% of the cost of basic drugs.
  • Education: From kindergarten to college and university, Quebec residents and children of foreign workers having work permit do not have to pay tuition fees.
  • Temporary workers are able to get their unemployment benefits for the term of their work permits thanks to employment insurance.
  • Parents of newborn can have up to 55 weeks of parental leave according to the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan.
  • Public daycare service is among the lowest fees with only $7 per child per day for children under 6 years old.

4. Receptiveness of a Multicultural City

Nowadays, Montreal has become a cultural mosaic with the combination of European and North American influences. This city has developed itself overtime with a great amount of new immigrants: nearly one-third of Montreal population was not born in Canada.
Every culture has its own heritage, giving all residents the chance to enjoy a range of savoir-faire, cuisine and products. Furthermore, people living in Montreal are able to experience different living environment just by entering Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Maghreb and so on. This richness also allows homesick expatriates to renew the relationships with their origin culture.

5. Environment Safety

The crime rate, which was already low in Montreal, has been gradually declining for 15 years. In addition, the homicide rate of Montreal is the lowest among big North American cities.

Unlike in many North American cities, public places in Montreal are secured to be visited both day and night. Greater Montreal is safe enough for residents to go about their business without any concern regarding crime.

Source: Montreal International

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