Top Reasons to Study in BC

Top Reasons to Study in BC


Nowadays, international students tend to prefer studying in BC to any other Canada province.

The explanation for this factor is that BC’s cities often belong to the top global rankings for living quality and livability, especially ranking in The Economist. In addition, universities in BC are among the top-ranked institutions in Canada. The education system of the province is considered as global model for radical and flexible education.

Study in BC is the chance for a student to join with more than 100,000 others from all over the world at all levels in the province.

  • Excellent Education

BC has teachers and institutions ranked among the best in the world. Furthermore, BC is the only province of Canada having provincial seal of quality for post-secondary education (Education Quality Assurance).

  • Exceptional Quality of Life

BC is a safe and peaceful place to live and study. Being in the top secured nations of the world, Canada ensures the safety in each of the province as much as possible. With its cosmopolitan cities, luxuriant rainforests, coastal waters and magnificent mountains, BC is one of the most attractive and interesting provinces in Canada.

  • Friendly and Distinct People

Residents in BC are very friendly. This has led to the fact that people from many places consider BC as their home, making this place become a diverse and lively society.

  • Warmish Weather

Climate of BC is the mildest in Canada. The temperature of the province’s interior region usually exceeds 30°C in the summer. In winter, BC’s southern coastal regions provide the coziest temperature in all of Canada.

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