B.C. education reaches third place in the world


Not being affected by the continuous failings in the recent teacher’s strike, education of British Columbia (B.C) is right at the top of Canada and is just behind Finland and Japan among other equal nations.

The first report card of The Conference Board of Canada was published and British Columbia is shown to be the province owning the best education and skills.

Standing above the two provinces of Canada, Ontario and Alberta, British Columbia ranked third place after Japan and Finland respectively on the world scale. These two nations were considered as standard for comparison of studies.

According to Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy, “British Columbia is at the head of the Canadian class and among the top performers in the world. However, there are areas that require improvement for B.C. to fully capitalize on the talents of its students and workers.”

B.C. remains top achievement in high school graduation rate which is 91% of people aged 25 to 64. College and university attainment in B.C was also highly evaluated, attaining an “A” and “B” grade for each category, in that order.

The report claimed that the number of students having “inadequate” reading, math or science skills in B.C. is relatively low. The province got a “B” grade for all these categories.

In province’s weaker areas including the number of PhD graduates and graduates in the areas of science, mathematics, computer science and engineering, British Columbia got a “C” grade for gender gap of males and females in post-secondary institutions. This gap is prevalent across 10 provinces of Canada pointing out gender gap that on the female side.

Source: Vancitybuzz

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