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YVAR International is dedicated to secure your chances of successful immigration to Canada in the business category with our qualified immigration consultants.

Being Canadians and having worked in this field for many years, we are well placed to give the best advice and assistance to business immigration applicants who desire to relocate to Canada. As a registered Canadian consultant, we offer high quality professional services while establishing trustful relationships with all our clients. Moreover, years of experience and professionalism allowed YVAR International to gain trust and support from various Canadian financial institutions.

Our knowledge and expertise in this field will be a huge asset to your immigration application. Moreover, as our President – Mr. Yurick Vandal is an official member of ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council, our clients’ rights of immigration are fully protected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Mr. Yurick Vandal, President

Mr. Yurick Vandal, President

My self-determination, driven by passion, inspires me to give the best support possible to entrepreneurs and foreign investors who want to come and live in Canada. I am proud to be part of the dynamic team of YVAR International that work hard to bring the success of our customers day after day.

Mr. Yurick Vandal, President of YVAR International, has many years’ experience of working for multinational companies. However, he decided to concentrate all his efforts and talent on helping business candidates go through elaborate and complicated Canadian Immigration process. In Fact, Mr. Vandal has travelled the world trying to respond to the fast-growing demand of foreign investors in search of the best immigration service possible. For the past few years, Mr. Vandal has managed to establish quite privileged partnership with Canadian banks, which allows for flexible and efficient business exchanges.

Due to Mr. Vandal’s excellent skills, such as attention to detail and ability to accurately pre-screen candidates, his portfolio consists of nothing but successful immigration files.

Mr. Vandal has graduated in business administration from the HEC in Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Vandal’s ICCRC ID is R507370. You can go to ICCRC website to check for his current status.


Mr. Vandal’s Quebec consultant number is 11536

Ms. Anouk Roy – Executive MBA, Vice President

Ms. Anouk Roy, Vice President

People seek working with me because I am well-known for my professional ethics. My clients fully trust me as I am a qualified specialist who privileges integrity, honesty and efficiency and I keep in touch with all my clients during the whole process.

Ms. Anouk Roy spent more than 15 years working in business development, during which she proved herself to be an excellent manager and executive as a Director of Marketing for the Canadian consumer market. Now, as a YVAR’s business consultant, she shares her abundant international experiences and expertise with clients of YVAR International by creating elaborate and efficient business plans.

Ms. Roy, born in South Korea and then immigrate to Canada at the age of 9 years old, has graduated from the best Canadian universities; such as the HEC (Business Administration) and McGill University (Executive MBA). She also extended her skills at the National University of Seoul and the Copenhagen Business School. Ms. Roy has always been involved as a volunteer within many associations helping immigrants to settle in their new communities.

Mr. Laurent Ropers – YVAR Special Collaborator

Laurent RopersMr. Laurent Ropers is a bilingual senior consultant with extensive expertise in the areas of Internet, mobile and social media. He has worked with a variety of industries, including banking, telecommunications, information technology and advertising.

Mr. Ropers held various consulting and managerial positions in several major companies where he has provided best-practices for using the web, mobile, and social media marketing to reach strategic goals. Mr. Ropers is well – known for his dedication to work and ability to deliver significant results in any working situations.

His clients ranged from start-ups to major companies and include:

Inovacom / National Bank Of Canada,Tata Communications, Quebecor, L’Oréal Canada, The Montréal Canadiens, Parasuco, Universal, WWF, Buck Créatifs, Catbird Productions, Rogers, Lipso, MusiquePlus, Verizon, T-Mobile, Ministry of Tourism for Quebec, Canadien Center for Architecture, Bourse de Montréal; Radio Canada, etc

Collaborating with YVAR International, Mr. Laurent Ropers is willing to provide his valuable knowledge and experiences during his working time to serve YVAR International’s client in terms of business side of immigration file.

More information regards to Mr. Laurent Ropers’ solid working experiences can be found here

YVAR International Lawyers Team

YVAR International is proud to have such a good team of Canadian lawyers, who have many years of experience in working on immigration files for our clients. YVAR lawyers are registered in Quebec Law Society, which are recognized by the CIC – citizenship and immigration canada. Our lawyers are regulated with the code of ethics and good standing. According to Canadian Government’s regulation, Quebec lawyers are authorized to process immigration files for Quebec province as well as other provinces of Canada. Therefore, our clients have great benefits when working directly with YVAR lawyers’ team as their official immigration representative.

Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council – ICCRC

Immigration Consultants of Canadian Regulatory Council

Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism has officially designated Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) as the new regulatory body for immigration consultants since June 30, 2011.

About ICCRC Council

The Council is working hard to make positive changes in the regulation of this profession. The Council is a non-profit organization created in response to a public submission process.

Its objective is effectively and fairly to regulate immigration consultants with accountability and transparency.

For more information about ICCRC, please visit: www.iccrc-crcic.ca