YVAR’s Success Case

Mr. Chanh – Entrepreneur from Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

I primarily had the idea of immigrating to Canada after sending my 1st son to Canada. He was really enjoying the high standard education in Toronto. Plus, I can see him develop a lot after his few years in Canada both physically and mentally. Then, I found out about YVAR International, who is doing the Canadian Immigration program to Quebec, which is really chose to Toronto. My first impression with YVAR is Mr. Yurick Vandal – the president of YVAR. Personally, I really like Mr. Vandal’s characteristic not only because he is hilarious but also he is adaptive well to the local people. Even though I could not speak either English or French, Yurick and I are getting along really well until now and I am enjoying every time seeing him. Professionally, I believe in my choice of choosing Mr. Vandal as my immigration representative. Firstly because his honest communication style, when evaluating my file, we clearly agreed that we have both strong and weak point in my file. However, he stated that this is his job to do the best in my file without providing any faults information in the file. Like many people who are doing immigration file, I had my own concerns about the success rate of my file because I know that Quebec officer is really strict on evaluating file. Mr. Vandal seems to understand me well about my worries so he regularly updates news related to the program and my immigration file. Along with Mr. Vandal, I also really appreciate the hard work of YVAR’s staff and other’ professionals (immigration, law, accounting and translator) for the time spending on my file, preparing my exploratory trip to Quebec, coaching and training me for the interview in Hong Kong. They are really supportive and I would not reach that far without them.

Now, with the CSQ in hand, I would say nothing to thank you, YVAR’s team for being there always in my up and down time throughout the process.

Ms. Kim – Entrepreneur from Hanoi, Vietnam

During my time working with YVAR, I always believe in choosing as my immigration representative because of their helpful advice for my file and business in Quebec . What I was impressed with YVAR are their fast response time, polite communication style, accurate information. Especially, during my exploratory trip in Montreal, Quebec, YVAR built up a detailed plan for the trip so I can meet many business partners and supporting organizations such as Saje immigrants , Montreal Yes , Entrepreneur Info , and Quebec Investment . These are very prestigious organization in Quebec . The knowledge and understanding that I had in Quebec’s trip was very useful for the interview with immigration officials in Hong Kong Quebec. Along with the professional assistance of YVAR during my trip in Hong Kong to prepare questions and practice answer, I was confident to pass the interview and get the nomination letter from Quebec province.

I would like to thank Mr. Yurick Vandal , Ms. Anouk Roy, Mr. Laurent Ropers and all YVAR staff for your enthusiastically support the success of my file.